Ernest A P Nagel 1850-1910

August was Ernst and Augustina’s third child. He was born in summer at Mount Barker Mines on 23rd February 1850.

As an adult he took up farming in the Kulpara district and provided a home to his younger sister Bertha and her two children when she and her husband separated in 1890. August bought extra land and had two farms at Melton before he died of heart failure in 1910. He left one farm to his nephew Ernest and the other to Bertha and her youngest son Henry.

August did not marry.

NAGEL.-In loving memory of August Peter, who died suddenly on January 4, 1910.

While thou on earth was spared to us
All life seemed fair and gay,
But death, that stern and relentless foe,
Hath taken thee away.
And now thy voice is hushed and still,
That face that was so bright,
Thy form that once we knew so well,
Have vanished from our sight.

-Inserted by his loving sister and nephew Sophie, Ernest, and Henry Harrison.