Christian H F M Nagel 1852-1924

Christian Nagel
Louisa Nagel

Christian was born at Adelaide on the 1st November 1852, the fourth child of Ernst and Augustina Nagel.

He followed his father and older brother into mining and was a crusher foreman for many years at Moonta. In later Electoral Rolls he is listed as an ore dresser.

Christian married Louisa Scheffel in 1874. The witnesses to the marriage were his sister Louisa and Wilhelm Ortloff. Christian and Louisa had five children; Julia, Amelia, William, Ernst and Edward

When Captain Hancock developed a type of Jig used to process crushed ore, Christian assisted with their installation in Broken Hill and remained there for twelve years in charge of them. He was also employed to assist with the setting up and use of the Jigs in Tasmania and the Flinders Ranges

Louisa passed away on 2nd November 1908, ten weeks after having a stroke. Christian retired in 1913 and passed away on 6th December 1924 at Moonta SA. They are both buried at Moonta Cemetery.

Three Sisters Marry Three Nagel’s.
Florence Mary Tonkin was born in 1878, the second child of William John Tonkin and Emily Jane Isaac. She married Louis Nagel in 1900. Her younger sister Eva, born 1880, married Louis's brother Ned Nagel in 1905. Louis and Ned were sons of Ernst Nagel  who immigrated to Australia with his parents as a four year old.

In 1910 Eva and Flo’s younger sister Emily Ethel Tonkin, born in 1883, married William James Nagel. William was the cousin of Louis and Ned and the son of Christian Heinrich Friedrich Martin Nagel and Mary Louise Scheffel. The Tonkin sisters were from a family of six girls and three boys.