Albertha S Nagel 1864–1949

Cousins Bertha, Louisa and Augusta Nagel

Bertha was the last child born to Ernst and Augustina on 17th December 1864 at Callington SA.

She married Charles Harrison at the age of eighteen. Charles was twenty nine. They were living at Goodwood when their first son, Ernest, was born in 1886. Their second son, Charles, died at the age of eleven months.

Following the death of her son and pregnant with her third child, Bertha separated from Charles and moved to Moonta where her last son Henry was born in 1891.

Bertha kept house for her older brother August who was farming at Melton. When August died in 1910 he left his land to Bertha and her two sons. They sold this land in 1914 and bought ‘Broughton Hills’ a property of 325 acres east of Yacka. They farmed this property until 1920 when they moved into Yacka and the family bought a general store and drapery with a Post Office agency.

Henry and his mother took over the Post Office and later Henry built a new post office behind Ernest’s shop. Henry was Postmaster in Yacka until his death in 1948.

Charles settled on the West Coast in the Wudinna area where he befriended George Opitz and his wife. He taught school children unofficially and was described as an “old gentleman living in a tent.” Charles was officially asked to open the new stone hall (Yaninee Hall) in 1925.

He spent his last years in the Home for the Incurables and died on 31st July 1937. He is buried in the West Terrace Cemetery.

Bertha spent her last few years in a nursing home at Salisbury where her eldest son lived. She died in November 1949 and is buried in the Salisbury Anglican Cemetery.